Who was Jerry in Monster? (2024)

Who was Jerry in Monster?

Monster (2018) - Nyleek Moore as Jerry Harmon - IMDb.

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Who was Jerry in the book Monster?

Jerry is Steve's younger brother. Steve loves Jerry very much and misses him while he is in jail, but Jerry is not allowed to visit the jail since he is not an adult. This points out the painful irony of Steve being an inmate, since he is not an adult himself.

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How does Jerry feel about Steve Monster?

Jerry idolizes his big brother. When Steve says he wants to be Superman, Jerry argues that he should be "Batman. Then I could be Robin" (4.69).

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Who accused Steve in Monster?

Steve Harmon was accused of taking part in the robbery that resulted in his murder. Steve's name was linked with James King and Bobo Evans—two neighborhood thugs. The two had implicated Steve as their look-out for the day they had planned to rob Mr. Nesbitt.

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What is Steve's moms name in Monster?

Mrs. Harmon is Steve's mother. Although she believes he is innocent—even when Steve doubts it himself—Mrs. Harmon rarely visits Steve in prison because it is too emotionally painful to see her own son in such an environment.

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Who killed Mr Nesbitt in Monster?

Alguinaldo Nesbitt was the owner of a Harlem drugstore who was murdered during an attempted robbery, allegedly by Bobo Evans and James King. Mr. Nesbitt was an immigrant from St. Kitts who was respected by his community.

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How old was Mr Nesbitt when he died in Monster?

The drugstore owner who was shot during the robbery at issue. Nesbitt was a fifty-five-year-old immigrant from St. Kitts and well respected in the neighborhood. Nesbitt was the legal owner of the gun that killed him.

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Why can t Jerry visit Steve in jail?

He looks out the window for Jerry. No kids are allowed inside—Steve would be too young to come in as a visitor, and yet he's locked up in here anyway. He waves to Jerry through the window even though Jerry can't see him.

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How is Steve proven innocent in Monster?

The evidence shows that on the day of the robbery, Steve was believed to be scouting places for a film assignment. Mr. Sawicki, his film teacher believes Steve is honest. As a result of the evidence Steve Harmon is not guilty because he was scouting locations for a school film project while the crime was taking place.

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Does Steve see himself as a Monster?

Steve's probable guilt is reinforced by the fact that the state prosecutor labels him a “monster” in her opening remarks, and this becomes the way that Steve sees himself throughout the novel, dehumanizing himself.

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Why was the book Monster banned?

“Monster” has been a frequent target of challenges over the book's engagement with themes of racial injustice, as well as the use of adult language and references to sexual themes.

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Who was killed in Monster?

Nesbitt died to drown in his blood after getting shot. According to James's testimony, Steve was the one who pulled the trigger that murdered the innocent Mr. Nesbitt.

Who was Jerry in Monster? (2024)
Who worked to make Steve look human in Monster?

At least he doesn't think he is. But not everyone agrees with Steve, least of all Sandra Petrocelli, the attorney who is prosecuting him for felony murder. Thankfully, Steve's lawyer, Kathy O'Brien, is doing her best to make the jury see him as a human being.

Who tries to threaten Steve?

Osvaldo Cruz A State witness, who also took part in the crime. Steve's screenplay describes him as a member of the Diablos and “the Tough Guy Wannabe.” Osvaldo is fourteen years old. He is slim, well built, and covered with tattoos. Cruz lives in Steve's neighborhood and taunts and threatens Steve.

Who was Steve afraid of in Monster?

Steve especially worries about the doubts of Kathy O'Brien, his lawyer. He makes friendly overtures toward O'Brien, but O'Brien maintains an emotional distance, leaving Steve feeling isolated and even more afraid.

Why does O Brien turn away from Steve?

Ultimately, while the jury finds James King guilty of murder, they find Steve Harmon not guilty. Despite the victory, when Steve tries to give his lawyer a hug in celebration and gratitude, Ms. O'Brien turns away from him, as she still has her doubts on his involvement.

Did King shot Mr Nesbitt?

King was one of the four men involved in the robbery and murder that took place in Alguinaldo Nesbitt's drugstore. When brought to the stand, Bobo Evans provided evidence that proved James King as guilty. He testified that James King was the one who shot Mr. Nesbitt.

What did Bobo do in Monster?

Bobo testifies that he knows King and Steve. He also testifies that he is currently doing time for dealing drugs and that he has numerous previous convictions. Bobo admits that he and King had a plan to hit the drugstore. The plan included using Steve as a lookout.

Who found Mr Nesbitt in Monster?

Jose Delgado, a worker at the store, found Nesbitt and contacted the police. According to Petrocelli, Ellis and Richard “Bobo” Evans, robbed the store. As Nesbitt attempted to defend his property, a struggle ensued between him and Evans.

What is Bobo's real name in Monster?

"Monster Characters: Richard “Bobo” Evans." LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, 18 Oct 2019.

What does Petrocelli look like in Monster?

Sandra Petrocelli is black haired, italian american and slim. In the early pages of the book monster she calls Steve a monster because she thinks that hes young, lots of energy and black. Sandra takes on a role of a court prosecutor who is trying to find out the killer of Alguinaldo Nesbitt.

Who is Bolden and why does he testify book Monster?

Bolden is a current convict who testifies in Steve and King's trial. Bolden reportedly bought stolen cigarettes from Bobo Evans, who let slip that he stole them from a drugstore.

What is the main plot of Monster?

"Monster" is based off the story by Walter Dean Myers. It's about Steve Harmon, a black 17-year-old boy who is on trial for a felony murder he may or may not have committed. He decides to look through the court system and jail time as if it were a movie, and as if everyone saw him for what he truly was.

Who robbed the store in Monster?

She tells the jury that James King and Steve Harmon, along with two other criminals, robbed a drugstore. During the robbery, Aguinaldo Nesbitt, the fifty-five-year-old owner of the store, was killed. Petrocelli refers to the defendants as “monsters in the community.” She then calls two witnesses.

What is the story Monster about?

Walter Dean Myers's Monster is a high intensity, page turning novel about a sixteen year old black male, named Steve Harmon. Steve is in jail after being accused of being an accomplice in a robbery, which ended in the slaying of the drugstore owner.

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