Who is the drugstore owner in Monster? (2024)

Who is the drugstore owner in Monster?

Alguinaldo Nesbitt, the owner of the local drugstore on 145th Street in Harlem, was killed when robbers wrestled Mr. Nesbitt's gun from him and the gun went off. Steve Harmon was accused of taking part in the robbery that resulted in his murder.

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Who owned the drugstore in Monster?

Alguinaldo Nesbitt was the owner of a Harlem drugstore who was murdered during an attempted robbery, allegedly by Bobo Evans and James King. Mr.

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What merchandise was stolen from the drugstore during the robbery Monster?

José Delgado, an employee of the drugstore, tells how he found Mr. Nesbitt's body and noticed that cash and cigarettes were missing. Salvatore Zinzi, a prisoner at the Riker's Island jail, testifies that another prisoner, Wendell Bolden, told him about the drugstore robbery.

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Who is Mr Harmon in Monster?

Harmon is Steve's father. Mr. Harmon states that he never imagined his own son would be involved in a murder or wind up in jail, and he tells Steve that when Steve was a baby, Mr. Harmon dreamed about him growing up and playing college football, attending Morehouse university just like his father did.

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Who is O Brien in Monster?

Kathy O'Brien, Steve Harmon's lawyer, gives her best effort to getting Steve declared not guilty, even though she has doubts about his innocence.

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Who actually killed Mr Nesbitt?

Alguinaldo Nesbitt, the owner of the local drugstore on 145th Street in Harlem, was killed when robbers wrestled Mr. Nesbitt's gun from him and the gun went off. Steve Harmon was accused of taking part in the robbery that resulted in his murder.

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Did King shot Mr Nesbitt?

King was one of the four men involved in the robbery and murder that took place in Alguinaldo Nesbitt's drugstore. When brought to the stand, Bobo Evans provided evidence that proved James King as guilty. He testified that James King was the one who shot Mr. Nesbitt.

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Who actually shot Mr Nesbitt What did King and Evans steal from the drugstore?

Nesbitt's drugstore, drew Steve into being an accomplice by checking the store for cops, attempted to rob the place with Bobo, and then accidentally shot Mr. Nesbitt with his own handgun when there was a struggle.

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Who bought the stolen cigarettes in Monster?

Bolden is a current convict who testifies in Steve and King's trial. Bolden reportedly bought stolen cigarettes from Bobo Evans, who let slip that he stole them from a drugstore.

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How did Mr Nesbitt died in Monster?

Nesbitt died from shock and internal bleeding. Petrocelli remarks that blood filled his lungs and drowned him.

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Who is Steve's dad in Monster?

Harmon. Steve Harmon's father. Mr. Harmon is a graduate of Morehouse College, from which he dreams his son will also graduate.

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What did Steve do in Monster?

Steve Harmon is the narrator and protagonist of the story. Steve is a 16-year-old black kid from Harlem charged with felony murder for his involvement in a botched robbery that ended in Mr. Nesbitt's death.

Who is the drugstore owner in Monster? (2024)
Why does O Brien turn away from Steve?

Ultimately, while the jury finds James King guilty of murder, they find Steve Harmon not guilty. Despite the victory, when Steve tries to give his lawyer a hug in celebration and gratitude, Ms. O'Brien turns away from him, as she still has her doubts on his involvement.

Why does O Brien not hug Steve?

O'Brien's doubt about Steve's actual innocence is confirmed when, after they win the case and Steve is found not guilty, she stiffly refuses his attempt to hug her in gratitude and happiness, suggesting that even though she defended his innocence and genuinely did her best to understand him, she does not regard him ...

Why does Zinzi testify?

Zinzi is testifying so that he can get out of prison early (where people are abusing him). He has motivation to say that he knows more than he does so that he can get what he wants.

Who was Steve afraid of in Monster?

Steve especially worries about the doubts of Kathy O'Brien, his lawyer. He makes friendly overtures toward O'Brien, but O'Brien maintains an emotional distance, leaving Steve feeling isolated and even more afraid.

Was Steve the lookout in Monster?

Steve was the lookout for the robbery but he was not responsible for the murder. Steve tells us is perspective while he is in prison waiting for his trial to be over. First of all, Steve was the lookout for the robbery because he planned it with his friends. Steve also talked about it with Bobo and King.

Where was Mr Nesbitt shot?

The facts of the case come out quickly. On December 23rd, Alguinaldo Nesbitt, owner of a drugstore in Harlem, was found dead of a gunshot wound in his store. Jose Delgado, a worker at the store, found Nesbitt and contacted the police. According to Petrocelli, Ellis and Richard “Bobo” Evans, robbed the store.

What did Osvaldo Cruz do in Monster?

Osvaldo is a 14-year-old kid from Harlem and an admitted accomplice in the robbery that resulted in Mr. Nesbitt's felony murder.

Does Ernie think he is guilty?

Ernie claims he's innocent, though, since he never actually left the store. He thinks that should count for something, but Steve says he's just "trying to convince himself that he wasn't guilty" (13.22).

Why is Steve from Monster not guilty?

Nesbitt as well as Steve's own testimony lead one to believe he could have played a role in the crime. Steve Harmon is not guilty of felony murder because Steve was scouting locations for a school film project, he did not receive a reward and the witnesses confirmed he was not in the store.

Why is Steve on trial in Monster?

Monster is a story about Steve Harmon, a sixteen-year-old Black prisoner awaiting trial for felony homicide.

Who else is on trial with Steve in Monster?

Kathy O'Brien, Steve's lawyer, informs him on what will happen during the trial. At this stage, only two of the four accused—James King and Steve—will be tried, since the other two accused—Richard "Bobo" Evans and Osvaldo Cruz—have entered into a plea bargain.

Who planned the robbery in Monster?

Sandra Petrocelli: The Assistant District Attorney who prosecutes Steve and James King, labeling them "monsters" to the jury. Richard "Bobo" Evans: The defendant who planned the robbery. The prosecution uses his testimony against King and Steve because he is receiving a smaller sentence.

Did Steve go to jail in Monster?

James King is found guilty, while Steve is found not guilty. As Steve moves to hug O'Brien, she turns away, leaving Steve to question why. The end of the novel takes place five months after Steve has been cleared of all charges and released from prison.

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