Is Tess romantically involved with Joel? (2024)

Is Tess romantically involved with Joel?


Joel Miller is a character in the video game series The Last of Us by Naughty Dog. In the games, he is portrayed by Troy Baker through motion capture and voice acting; in the television adaptation, he is portrayed by Pedro Pascal. › wiki › Joel_(The_Last_of_Us)
was Tess' partner in crime, confidante, and closest friend. It was never confirmed that Joel and Tess were romantically involved or if they ever took their relationship to further levels of intimacy beyond their partnership, however some sense of closeness beyond friendship is certainly hinted at.

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Are Tess and Joel romantic?

One of the few hints at a romantic history between Joel and Tess appears at the same time in the game, though with different context. Tess' dying wish from the game is for Joel to carry out the mission with Ellie. “There has to be enough here for you to feel some sort of obligation to me,” she pleads.

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What does Tess say to Joel?

Before dying, Tess tells Joel she never asked him to feel the way she felt (meaning: to reciprocate her love). The zombie kiss is a grotesque inversion of what Tess seemed to want very badly from Joel: intimacy, closeness, oneness.

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Are Joel and Tess friends with benefits?

The closest the script sidles toward confirming their status as smugglers with benefits is the dialogue that cracks Joel wide open: "There's enough here that you have to feel some sort of obligation to me." Tess explicitly summoning the implicit nature of Joel's affection, however unnamed or reluctant it may be, is the ...

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Does Tess go with Joel and Ellie?

At the end of the game, Tess sacrifices herself to save Joel and Ellie and it is implied that she dies from her injuries.

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Who did Tess kiss?

The Last of Us' Tess' Zombie Kiss Explained: Why It Was Meant to Be 'Disturbing and Violative' Viewers were shocked by Tess' last moments in HBO's The Last of Us, when she allowed a "clicker" zombie to kiss her on the lips and directly infect her with the cordyceps fungus rather than fighting back.

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Who was Tess kissing?

But before she can spring her trap, she's approached by a still-human-looking zombie, who kisses her — with jellyfish-like tendrils reaching out of his mouth and squirming into hers.

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Do Tess and Joel like each other?

More than being smuggling partners, they were also romantic partners. In Episode 1's “When You're Lost in the Darkness,” the audience is given brief moments of intimacy between Tess and Joel. When Tess returns to the apartment they share, she is Joel's big spoon as they fall asleep.

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Why did Tess get kissed?

Rather than fight him off, which she's proven to be an expert at, Tess just stood there and let him approach her for an open-mouthed kiss, which would allow the squirmy cordyceps fungi to enter her mouth.

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Why did Tess not go with Joel?

After narrowly escaping an encounter with some Infected, Tess gets bitten. Knowing that her fate is sealed, she asks Joel to escort Ellie over to his brother Tommy in Jackson, which is a ways away from Boston.

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Did Joel have a love interest?

Esther is a minor character who is mentioned in The Last of Us: One Night Live. She is Joel's love interest after his brother Tommy apparently paired them up. How well do you know The Last of Us? Take the quiz to prove your knowledge.

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Is Joel in love with Ellie?

The road leading to the climax of HBO's The Last of Us has been built around the relationship formed by Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal). Initially antagonistic, it soon becomes a relationship of convenience, necessity, and eventually, love.

Is Tess romantically involved with Joel? (2024)
Is Tess good or bad in The Last of Us?

Tess was originally a true villain in The Last of Us, and this abandoned plot would've actually given her much more to do than in the final game. Tess' sacrifice and relationship with Joel is central to the plot of The Last of Us, but the hopeful survivor herself is sadly left behind.

Who does Tess end up with after?

Hardin and Tessa reunite

Then, he makes a heartfelt speech about Landon and Nora, where he alludes to his breakup with Tessa, causing her to get upset leave the ceremony. Hardin goes after Tessa and apologises. Then, they have sex, confess their love for each other and he proposes on the spot, to which she says yes!

Who is Ellie in love with?

Who was Ellie in love with? In Left Behind she kissed Riley, and the creator confirmed they had a romantic relationship, and that Ellie was a lesbian. The actresses were even working on the fact that they were in love. Hope that answers your question!

Does Joel end up caring for Ellie?

He will never forget Sarah, but he has obviously moved on, and he made it pretty clear in several instances. Ellie is alive and well, clearly he cares more about her by the end of the game.

Who kissed Tess before she died?

The infected runner wasn't actually kissing Tess. Instead, it was allowing the mutated Cordyceps fungus to spread from itself into Tess. The horror series creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann told EW that the infected don't get violent unless they're prevented from spreading their disease.

How old is Tess supposed to be?

Tedros is a sixteen-year-old prince, the son of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, and the supposed heir to the throne of Camelot until his elder half-brother pulled the sword from the stone.

Why did they change Tess death?

It didn't make much sense to me to have FEDRA all the way out there," Mazin said. "We wanted a chance to show a different result of being infected, which was not one of mere violence or horror, but rather a sick kind of community. Now, at the end, we had an opportunity to show how connected they were," he continued.

Who does Tess fall in love with?

Some years later, Tess finds employment as a milkmaid at Talbothays Dairy, where her past is unknown. She falls in love with Angel Clare, an apprentice gentleman farmer who is studying dairy management.

Can Ellie infect others?

She has stated she cant infect people. For the same exact reason why if you are immune to a virus you can't infect other people with said virus. It's a fungal infection not a virus.

Why did she kiss the zombie in The Last of Us?

These tendrils seem to be how the infected transmit Cordyceps from themselves to their hosts through bites. The reason the zombie seems to kiss Tess likely comes from the infection already present in Tess' body.

How does Joel lose Tess?

Tess dies after being bitten by a Clicker in the museum. Knowing she's doomed, she sacrifices herself by blowing up the Capitol building while it's full of infected, allowing Joel and Ellie to escape.

When did Tess get bit?

The group is attacked by Clickers as they make their way through the museum and while they're separated, Tess gets bit. She soldiers on and keeps it to herself while they make their way to the Capitol Building where they find the Fireflies all dead (though seemingly not killed due to infection).

Why did Joel and Tess agree to take Ellie?

But in the game, it is Tess who convinces Joel to take Ellie. Joel would have just gone back to the QZ had this request not been made. (Or Tess not died.) Joel agrees to take Ellie partly due to his guilt over Tess's death and his loyalty to her.

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